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From the Department of Awesome and Unusal Animals comes this little orange and black lobster (right around Halloween no less!), now in the care of the New England Aquarium. The colourful crustacean was discovered by Dana Duhaime, a lobsterman from Salem, in one of his traps in Bakers Channel nearBeverly, Massachusetts.

The “split” coloring occurs once in every 50 to 100 million lobsters, and scientists believe this occurs during a cellular division when the lobster egg is first fertilized, the aquarium said. 

Orange and black is one of the most common color combinations. One side typically has the muddled dark brown or grey coloring caused by a mix of the red, yellow, and blue pigments found in American lobsters. Orange coloring in lobsters appears when the sea creature lacks the blue pigment, the aquarium said.

Split lobsters also often show sexual characteristics of both genders. But this festive crustacean is a female and has been named “Pinchy” by Duhaime, in reference to the lobster that appeared in an episode of “The Simpsons.”

Pinchy! What a great name choice. We just hope this pretty lady is as well-loved without suffering the same fate as her cartoon namesake.

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